Simon Thorp & Associates was established in April 2010 to meet a need for advice to landowners and land managers on farms, estates and other land in the uplands.  Experience includes all aspects of farm and estate management, including building work, and specialist areas include all aspects of moorland management such as heather burning, grazing management and sporting.

Simon Thorp was the Director of The Heather Trust until March 2018.  On behalf of the Trust, he is continuing as the Director of Scotland’s Moorland Forum, Chairman of the England & Wales Wildfire Forum and Chairman of the Uplands Management Group, which provides practitioner input to Defra’s Upland Stakeholder Forum.  See the blog VallumVoice for news and information of relevance to the UK uplands.  In late 2011, the Bracken Control Group was established to bring together all discussion about bracken management and to work for the continuing supply of asulam products; Simon Thorp is the Coordinator of this Group.

Rural Consultants

with special interest in the uplands of the UK


Simon Thorp & Associates

Vallum House, Burgh by Sands, CARLISLE  CA5 6AQ

Tel: 01228 576854 / 07850 789189


A chartered surveyor with experience of all aspects of rural management who has a particular interest in the uplands.