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Simon Thorp & Associates  provides advice about moorland and upland management. Learn more...


Previous Experience

Simon Thorp was the Director of The Heather Trust from May 2002 until March 2018. He is continuing to work as a consultant and apply his experience in several roles. See the Current Activity page for details. Learn more...


Other Information

See the blog VallumVoice for news and information of relevance to the UK uplands. Learn more...

The Challenge

in the UK Uplands

There are a greater range of potentially-conflicting interests in the uplands of the UK than in any other area.

Simon Thorp & Associates promotes an integrated approach to management that seeks to build consensus amongst all those with an interest in the area. The value of the knowledge and experience provided by land managers must be considered alongside the evidence provided by science when making land management decisions or when forming government policy.

Many organisations and interest groups have a passing interest in the uplands, but this interest is usually confined to one aspect (birds, farming, peatland) or to one area or part of the UK.

The uplands are an important but very sensitive area, and they need knowledgeable, integrated management.  Too often a single-issue approach is adopted to management and this can lead to significant unintended consequences.  

There are many examples, such as: re-wilding increasing the risk of damage from wildfire, bad burning practices damaging peatland, access disturbing rare breeding birds, over- and undergrazing (by wild and domestic grazing animals) reducing the diversity of vegetation.

Activity Summary

Activity Links
Consultant to The Heather Trust     HT Website
Moorland Management Best Practice - Consultant
for Scotland’s Moorland Forum
Including further development of The Muirburn Code
MMBP Website

Muirburn Code website
England & Wales Wildfire Forum (EWWF) - Chairman
Liaising with government - Home Office, Defra, Cabinet Office 
Chaired the UK Wildfire Conference in Cardiff in November 2019.
EWWF Website
Uplands Management Group - Chairman 
Producing moorland management guidance for practitioners. Recently published guidance about Wildfire Risk Assessment.
UMG Website
Bracken Control Group - Coordinator 
Promotes bracken control by any means,
Applications for Emergency Authorisation for Asulam since 2013
BCG website

Blog articles
Graze the Moor Project - Project Manager
Molland Moor, Exmoor
GtM Final Report

Blog articles


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