Responding to the Challenge

posed by the UK Uplands

There are a greater range of potentially-conflicting interests in the uplands of the UK than in any other area.

Simon Thorp & Associates promotes an integrated approach to management that seeks to build consensus amongst all those with an interest in the area.

When developing a strategy for managing land, or when forming government policy, the knowledge and experience of managing the uplands provided by land managers must be considered alongside the evidence provided by science.  For local decisions about land management, the objectives of the owner will be a starting point. 

Many organisations and membership groups have a passing interest in the uplands, which is often confined to one aspect (e.g. birds, farming, peatland) or to one area or region of the UK.

The uplands are an important but very sensitive area, and they need knowledgeable, integrated management.  Too often a single-issue approach is adopted to management and this can lead to significant, unintended consequences.  

There are many examples, such as: re-wilding increasing the risk of damage from wildfire, bad burning practices damaging peatland, access disturbing rare breeding birds, over- and undergrazing (by wild and domestic grazing animals) reducing the diversity of vegetation.  

The integrated approach promoted by ST&A seeks to place issues in context, avoid unintended consequences and achive the best solution for our uplands.

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