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Activity Summary

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Consultant to The Heather Trust     HT Website
Moorland Management Best Practice - Consultant
for Scotland’s Moorland Forum
Including further development of The Muirburn Code
MMBP Website

Muirburn Code website
England & Wales Wildfire Forum (EWWF) - Chairman
Liaising with government - Home Office, Defra, Cabinet Office 
Chaired the UK Wildfire Conference in Cardiff in November 2019.
EWWF Website
Uplands Management Group - Chairman 
Producing moorland management guidance for practitioners. Recently published guidance about Wildfire Risk Assessment.
UMG Website
Bracekn Control Group - Coordinator 
Promotes bracken control by any means,
Applications for Emergency Authorisation for Asulam since 2013
BCG website
Graze the Moor Project - Project Manager
Molland Moor, Exmoor
GtM Final Report

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